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The eyebrow laminating procedure is a keratin-infused beauty treatment for your eyebrows. This treatment is a two-step perming treatment that involves correcting the brow shape by setting your brow hairs in place using a safe chemical solution. This process gives your brows that coveted natural high arch look.


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This treatment will leave your eyebrows looking full and thick with a beautiful high arch. This treatment is completely painless, and the chemicals we use are sanitary and harmless. The eyebrow laminating procedure is ideal for clients who would like to have that natural youthful appearance without using makeup. This procedure will have your eyebrows looking full and thick without you having to undergo micro blading or getting a tattoo. As a matter of fact, with this technique, filling your brows with a pencil or gel isn’t even necessary. So, you can still look beautiful and feel confident stepping out of the house in no time at all. This procedure can last anywhere from 4-6 weeks.

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At NatNash, we also offer professional brow tinting techniques. Brow tinting uses semi-permanent dye to enhance the shape and define your brows giving it that fashionable ombre effect. This procedure will leave you with fuller-looking brows. With this tinting technique, you can have the brows you've always dreamed of having. We have so much to offer our clients. The road to perfect brows never looked easier, from brow laminating, brow tinting, henna brow, brow styling, and brow lifting. At NatNash, we're very much aware of just how much our brows play a role in the overall appearance of our faces. That's why we offer only the best brow styling techniques that will complement the face of each and every individual client. Contact us today, and we'll give you the best of the best beauty services.